Thursday Thirteen

THIRTEEN THINGS I am looking forward to in the next 2 weeks!

1…. VACATION!!!!!!

2. . Going to the beach and walking on the sand.

3.  Spending time with the kids.

4.  Spending time with TheGrump.

5.  Being away from work.

6.  Did I say VACATION!!! 🙂

7. Spending time with my best friend and her family that is going to the beach with us.

8.  Seeing the big kids have a great time.

9.  The step kids being away from their crazy mother and actually relaxing.

10.  Spending an entire 8 days together as a family.

11.  BEING AWAY FROM MY JOB (oh I said that already…..)

12.  Not having to deal with clients

13.  Taking a road trip.

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