Hell in a Handbasket

Do you think someone would go to hell if they jumped up and shook a preacher during a vacation bible school closing?  Well let's just say I came pretty close to doing this very thing last night. 

My mother in law asked me to help her with vacation bible school this week and I agreed that I would help her Mon., Tues., and Wed. and I would pack for the Beach the other two days and she would keep Queenie for me.  So last night was my first night of helping and we were both presently suprised that Queenie went to her toddler class and didn't cry for either one of us much.  I was so proud of her for being a big girl.  She's only 2 and she's going through some attachment issues probably because we've taken her passie away and potty training her at the same time.

So on with the story.  The church has a new pastor and he seemed to be very fun and he and his wife are also very young, around 25ish.  Like I said Queenie went to her class and did so well.  Her teacher brought her to our class right before the ending "rally" of VBS.  She was smiling and telling me what she did.  Then we went out for the rally and she saw the rest of her class and wanted to go sit with them………

let me stop for a minute and say that this church is tiny and usually only has about 15-20 members who attend on a regular basis, so the actual church building itself is not very big…………

 …….to continue………Queenie went to sit with her class when her teacher gave her a manilla envelope to give to me, so of course trots back accross the church to bring it to me.  She returns to her class and is sitting with the other kids and her teacher has her run me one more thing, so again she brings it to me and returns to her class.  I see her over there with the rest of the little kids and they're playing in the floor in front of the pew.  The pastor is talking to the congragation about how glad he is that everyone had come and what lesson they learned today and so on ……  Then I see Queenie get up and start back toward me at the exact moment she was walking right in front of the pastor he leans down puts his hand out and stops her.  At first I thought he was just kidding around with her but then he directed her to go back with her class and sit.  When she got back with her class and sat down her little lip poked out and my heart broke all at the same time.  She began to bawl and I guess my momma bear instincts hit me and my first reaction was to jump up and shake him and say "what the hell are you doing? she's just a baby".  MY baby, not his (he doesn't have any children).  I didn't shake the pastor (although I wanted to) I immediately got up and went to get her.  I believe her feelings were hurt more than anything else, but it still made me feel like he had no right!  She was just coming back to sit with me. 

So now I have to endure two more nights of helping with VBS and avoiding the pastor, because if not I do believe there will be a HOLY SMACKDOWN……………



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sandy
    Jun 13, 2006 @ 21:33:14

    aww, poor kid. this is a hard age in so many ways. Good for her for doing so well in class. Good luck wtih the rest of the week.

    Michele sent me over.


  2. wordnerd
    Jun 14, 2006 @ 15:04:02

    Awww, poor thing. I’m with you. It would have taken everything for me not to get up and speak to the preacher right then and there. Poor baby was being so good and obedient…grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    I’m so glad I found this place — I’m here from Michele’s but I’m going to stick around and read some old posts and make myself comfortable, if you don’t mind.

    I can tell I’ll be coming back here regularly…


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