The Russian Mafia returns….

Since this is a fairly new blog you may not know the back-story, but don't worry we'll get to that.

As you know I am a paralegal and work for an office that does 99% divorce cases.  Yes I know you all are thinking that all attorney's are bloodsucking money hungry leeches.  And yes my friend, we are no different at my office, we are just as blood sucking and money hungry as the rest of them.  One thing I've figured out is that people hate for you to tell them that you need money or you won't help them.  Especially in times when emotions are running high. 

So on with the story…… not so long ago we had a lady who came in for a consultation on a divorce.  She seemed to get very upset with me because I told her we charged for a consult, but went ahead and made the appointment.  She came in and by the end of the consult she was quoted a retainer fee for any further services. 

Fast forward to a few weeks later, she calls in and I answer the phone.  She's wanting to speak to the attorney.  I politely explain to her our policy that the attorney will do nothing else until the retainer is paid.  She gets more upset and seems to be confused on why things work like this and wants to talk to the attorney.  So I tell her I will check with the attorney and put her on hold to do so.  The attorney tells me to quote her another amount for her to "talk" to her.  So I get back on the phone and explain this to her.  She is even more irate now.  (Hey man don't yell at the messenger I don't make the rules around here).  Anyway to make this long story short she eventually paid and it was a quick no-fault thing so we didn't have to see her much.  Then she comes in here with her mother (who speaks very little English) to finalize some things.   I'm not even helping her the office manager is.  She then calls me up to the front from the back of the office demanding to know my name (first AND last).  (now we've had some crazy clients or disgruntled other parties to cases so I'm leery about giving out info when people are irate).  I tell her I'm not comfortable giving her any info and she and her mother start screaming in Russian at me and then says she wants to speak to the attorney.  I go back and get my boss and she comes up front where they tell her that I was rude to them and so on and so forth…………I was like WTF???   So anyway my boss basically babied them and sent them on their way.  It totally freaked me out.  My boss said just to ignore them and that she knew I was just doing my job.  After that there I joked with the office manager about how they probably belong to the Russian Mafia and how they would probably bomb my car.  (so if you see that headline somewhere you'll totally know it was me)

So yesterday morning I come in, check our schedule to see what's on the agenda for the day and what do I see but "HER" coming in for another consult, for something different this time.  I was prepared for the worst.  We decided that the office manager would wait on her and collect the money.  They come (yes she brought her mother again) and I try to make myself as scarse as possible while they are here.  No screaming this time ………BUT I did check my car for little black boxes when I left……..

***Notice:  I am not discriminating against anyone so don't go crazy over it.  This is something that happened to me and no matter what nationality, if you were this crazy and came into my office I'd blog about you too.


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