Where we’ve been and Where we’re going….

I've had a weird couple of days lately.  I've been forced to think about my life and the roads that lead me to where I am now in my life.  If you were to meet me today you would be shocked and not believed some of the things from my past.  Not that it was horrible or anything, I just went down the wrong road for a while. 

I guess what got me thinking about where I had been and the things I have done is a tragedy that happened over the weekend.  I first heard about it on Monday (this is a very small town and word travels fast).  A guy age 30 had been ran over with a truck after an altercation with some of the passengers in the truck and the 19 year old driver had been arrested.  All that were involved had been partying together.  Monday morning the guy was still alive, but passed later that day from head trauma.  When I heard the name of that guy, a wierd rush of feelings came over me.  This guy, is a guy who I use to be friends with, a guy I use to go to school with, I use to party and do drugs with and once had a crush on.  And now 9 long years later I see that I have moved on with my life and somehow he managed to be stuck on that wrong path.  I'm not saying I'm upset and crying about this but am sad that a life so young got trapped on that path and is no longer hear beacuse of it.  Although I'm not proud of my past, I have thought about all those crazy and good times I had with this guy.  I know he will be missed and my deepest sympathies for his family, now they have lost both sons. 

How far have you come and where are you going? 


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  1. rampant bicycle
    Jun 16, 2006 @ 15:41:51

    Sometimes we all go down the wrong road for a little while. And sometimes the turn to a brighter road is made…and sometimes it is not. It is a sad thing when it is not, most certainly. *moment of silence*

    Myself? I have come a long way, I’m sure, but as to where I’m going…I haven’t the slightest idea. But I have hopes, for myself and for others. 🙂

    Hello from Michele’s.


  2. Janet
    Jun 16, 2006 @ 17:03:22

    although I’m glad to read that things turned out well for you, my heart goes out to the parents that lost not one, but two sons…such a sad story 😦

    Hi, Michele sent me today.


  3. Gypsy
    Jun 20, 2006 @ 16:55:30

    It’s so staggering to see a life cut short like that, especially when you see what could have been.

    I’ve both come a long way and come full circle.

    Thanks for visiting my blog the other day, and hey, look! There’s a link to me, too! Thanks! 🙂 I’ll be back, I’m sure.


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