Stuck between a rock and a rock

Warning: this will probably be a very lengthy post BEWARE!!

I don’t even know where to begin with this……well I guess for anyone to understand (that’s assuming anyone even looks at this blog), that I should give some back-story on this.  I met TheGrump back in 1998, he was going through a divorce from his first wife and he was going through a “I don’t give a shit” phase in his life.  We met at work (where he still works) and became good friends, who didn’t always see eye to eye, but still enjoyed each other’s company.  Of course I had the biggest crush on him but he was at a point in his life where he was a bit of a whore-monger (is that even a word?) and although I had a crush on him I didn’t want anything romantic to happen because of his lifestyle and attitude.  We often butted heads because I was quite blunt of what I thought about him being such a “himbo”, but we still remained friends……………  Yes I promise there is a point here.

Anyway in 1999 TheGrump was still up to his womanizing tricks and he had a one night stand with a girl (we’ll call Fucktard) who was actually dating one of my other friends (we’ll call him John Doe).  I didn’t really know Fucktard well, she wasn’t from around here, she was originally from Alaska and most of her family was there.  She lived with a friend here.  So on with the story……………not long after she told John Doe she was pregnant and it was his, they either broke up before or not long after this happened, irrelevant, she then also told TheGrump that it was his as well.  He immediately asked for a paternity test when the child was born, she refused.  So then Fucktard up and moved away, back to AK.  In December of 1999 Fucktard called TheGrump and said that the baby had been born and he pleaded with her to come back and take a paternity test.  She again refused.  She also called TheGrump’s mother and told her as well and she also pleaded for Fucktard to come back, take a test.  She said no she found someone and she didn’t need them or TheGrump.  Phone number was later disconnected and no word from her long after that. 

Jump forward to about 2001-2002, TheGrump and I have lost contact due to my job change but if we see each other we catch up.  John Doe and I see each other more often as he is a friend of my family.  John Doe gets papers from DCSE (division of child support enforcement) for support for TheDaughter (child that Fucktard had).  John Doe knowing that Fucktard slept with not only TheGrump but at least one other person at that time immediately asked for a paternity test.  The test came back negative, he was not the father.  I never really thought anymore about Fucktard or the child.  Didn’t really have a reason to. 

Later in life me and TheGrump started dating got married in 2003 and had a child, Queenie in 2004.   June of 2005 my mother in law called and wanted to talk to TheGrump.  After he got off the phone he looked as if he had been hit by a truck.  He had received some mail at his mom’s address and it was from DCSE.  Setting up a hearing for child support for TheDaughter.  He immediately though I was going to freak, but in the back of my mind I knew this was a possibility and knew he would be going through a million emotions.  So he asked for a paternity test and DCSE set it up and we had to wait 8 weeks for the results.  That was a long 8 weeks.  The test came back positive 98.9%. 

Yep he was the father.  And honestly didn’t mind about the support, but was clueless how to feel and how to start a relationship with a child that was almost 6 years old, even if he could get in touch with her.  DCSE was not much help with anything either.  All they did was set support amount and that was it.  We did manage to find a working phone number and PO Box for Fucktard after all the paperwork was done.  They also showed TheGrump a photo of TheDaughter but he wasn’t allowed to take it from their file.  And boy does she look like him, just like the rest of his kids, with the exception of dark hair.  Fucktard is part Native American, so she’s dark skinned too.  Beautiful little girl.  And honestly I had mixed emotions too but got really excited to figure out how we were going to get to meet this child and woo hoo someone else to buy stuff for, cause you know I love shopping…………. 


(I gotta take a lunch break and I’ll be back to finish)MIP


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  1. Rene
    Jun 28, 2006 @ 17:36:35

    Here from Michele’s today but now I’m hooked and will have to finish this story. That’s one thing with marrying a man with history.


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