I’m crossing my fingers and pissed….

since this is a new blog I guess I’ve never mentioned that I am on the search for a new job.  Well it’s not that I hate my current job……….well sometimes I do, but not totally it’s just that I don’t get paid near enough for what I do.  And since it’s a small law firm it’s not like they’re going to come off a big whopping salary.  There is something else I’d love to do but it’s going to take a while to get that done, so I’ve looked at other things in the mean time. 

Got a call on Friday and have an interview tomorrow with a company as an Administrative Support Specialist………which is garbledeegook for Secretary or something of that nature.  Hopefully they’ll want me and want to pay me what I’m looking for.

On a second note I’m entirely pissed.  I am wanting to see about going back to school and become an RN.  I currently work during the day and there aren’t really any jobs that will let me work evenings and pay me anything decent.  So I’ve checked into our local nursing school at the hospital as well as the program they have at the community college.  Neither offer night classes and don’t plan to offer them.  Now I’m looking into another school which is 45 min away.  This gets me because the local ones are like 15 min away.  UGH….

Hope everyone had a great 4th.  I sure did. 



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  1. Gypsy
    Jul 06, 2006 @ 13:37:25

    Good luck with the interview and going back to school! 🙂


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