What do you want to be when you grow up?

Most boring week ever so far.  Of course let me not say that too soon.  It is only Tuesday you know. 

I’ve moved up the post about the Charles O. Volpe Scholarship fund and will do so every so often in order to keep it up to date for viewing.  Thanks to Chuck Volpe for posting in the comments section as well.  Please check it out if you get a minute. 

Well I’ve applied for two more things this past week, so cross your fingers for me.  Not that I hate my job (well sometimes I do, but who doesn’t).  I just feel like I was meant to do more with my life.  I got into the family law thing because I thought I’d make a difference and sometimes I feel like things are getting destroyed more than I’m helping.  Looking into this RN or LPN thing doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere.  I could take the LPN class for FREE at our local hospital (which right now would be great) but NO ONE offers anything in the evening.  IF I could do this then transfer into the RN program and complete my training.  But NO!  No one cares that I can’t afford to quit my 9 to 5 job to take the class and find some less paying job in the evenings.  My family needs me to work.  TheGrump already works 7 days a week and is exhausted just to keep us afloat.  SO where does this lead me?  I guess I really need to finish my Bachelor’s degree.  The only issue with that is my community.  Yes I do love my community but even if I get my Bacherlor’s degree, am I really going to find something worth while and make more money at it in such a small community?  I see kids that actually went to college and didn’t take the hard road that I did, and are working in fast food places or at the local chain store.  Sometimes I feel like I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up LOL and if I do decide on something that it seems near impossible to do.  I guess whatever I do I want to feel like I’m making a difference.


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  1. Rene
    Jul 25, 2006 @ 16:31:23

    Howdy from Michele’s today although I’ve been here before.

    When I graduated from college, I got a job working the office counter at Mervyn’s department store. A bunch of us were college graduates, times were tough. I went back to school and got a paralegal certificate and got a job as a legal assistant/secretary…and made less money than the department store. Later, after I got married and couldn’t stand working for my jerk boss/husband, I got a job as a secretary for an aerospace company. While it didn’t utulize any of my education, my boss told me he interviewed me because of the B.A. I later ended up an executive assistant. I think all of the exec. assts. had college degress. I made pretty good money until I got laid off.

    Get the degree. It may not get you your dream job but it will increase your paycheck in your not-so-dream job.


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