Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things that I love1….My Hubby and Kids of course.2.  Scary movies3.  Sandals (especially if they fit, I have really big feet)

4.  Spring and Fall

5.  a good pen to write with

6.  the beach

7.  hiking  (haven’t done this in a while but would love to)

8.  picnics

9.  helping people

10.  Jeans (boot cut)

11.  Food (hence why I’m so fat)

12.  a good hair style

13.  my computer 🙂

1. barbie2be

2.  slugmom

3.  Danielle

4.  Becki

5.  KT Cat

6.  PaxilPrincess

7.  Jenny Ryan

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Aren’t you just great

Yes we all know your great.

Your just so freaking perfect.

Yes I know that your problems are always bigger and and what you have to say is more important.


***sorry guys but a gal has got to have some place to vent or her head will explode and lose her job.  Good news on that though is that I have an interview on Thrusday 🙂  Cross your fingers.

Anyone have a cure for the terrible twos ?  Anyone?  Please?  Queenie doesn’t comprehend that most food needs to be cooked and that you can’t eat frozen chicken nuggets and you have to cook eggs before you eat them.  She refused to eat last night because everything she wanted needed to be cooked and when I tried to cook anything she went into convulsions on the floor.  And then after all that she demanded ice cream for supper.  Although wanting to give in, I held my ground. 

hopefully this week gets better 🙂




I don’t mind doing my job but I hate finishing up something that someone else started.  They started it and then hand it to me for me to do.  WTF????  Especially when even if two people are doing the same thing/project those two people will probably have two different ways of doing things.  That’s what I get for being nice.  I hate the fact that I’m the peon here and always will be.  Always low man on totem pole.  Hell I was that when I worked in a factory (not knocking anyone who does work in one, my husband still does) It’s just that I thought I could do something that made a difference and feel good about going into work.  Now I just dread it.  and every little thing is annoying me now too.

 That about sums up my Monday 😦


Worth Looking At

Please check this out when you get a chance.  Charles Volpe lost his life and it wonderful to see the support in our community. 

Charles O. Volpe Scholorship Fund

 I will continue to make this post recent.  Original post date June 2006.

Have you missed me?

Yeah right, probably not LOL.  Where does the time go.  I must say time flies when you have 10,000 things to do. Just a few random things for today 🙂

TheGrump and I finally went out to eat by ourselves (which is a rare occurrence), although weeks late this was to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary.  LOL  I always tell people we’re doing good because we’ve lasted twice as long as my first marriage did (which was about 13 mos)

TheTomboy turned 9 on August 11th.  Boy oh boy she’s grown like a weed.  I can’t believe that’s she’s so grown up.  She is as tall as the TheEldest and looks like she’s 13 not 9.  My baby is growing up.  Makes me sad but happy to see what a great young lady she’s become.  We had a great birthday party.  Unconventional by most people’s standards, but she loves it.  Even though her father and I are not together anymore and both of us are re-married and such, we still have a joint birthday party.  Him, his wife and all his family as well as me, TheGrump, and our families all attend.  A great time was had by all 🙂  I made the cake again this year (I’m getting pretty good too), it was a pizza birthday cake and was delicious.  I’ll try and post some pics tonight if I get a chance.

I’ve been working on a new website and still looking for a new job.  Other than that, spending more time with the kiddos and work has kept me busy.  I’ll try not to neglect the blog anymore 🙂



Virtual What???

Okay I’ve been looking into some way of working at home or either a different shift, so that I could persue this RN thing.  So after much searching I ran across something that I find very interesting.  Virtual Assisting!  What is this you ask?  Well I asked myself the same thing.  (take a moment to search it on the web)

I have done much searching and learned a lot about this, but also feel like I need to learn so much more.  I am currently a paralegal and feel like I would have qualifications to become a VA but is that enough?  I feel like I could build a VA business where I would eventually be able to quit my FT job and do that full time, but am I qualified enough?  I only have an associates degree. 

I guess it’s the self doubt thing.  It sounds like something that I’d love, I’d be able to work from home and if I did persue the RN thing, I could do that too.  Anyone else know anything about this business, if so please comment.  Where to start?