Have you missed me?

Yeah right, probably not LOL.  Where does the time go.  I must say time flies when you have 10,000 things to do. Just a few random things for today 🙂

TheGrump and I finally went out to eat by ourselves (which is a rare occurrence), although weeks late this was to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary.  LOL  I always tell people we’re doing good because we’ve lasted twice as long as my first marriage did (which was about 13 mos)

TheTomboy turned 9 on August 11th.  Boy oh boy she’s grown like a weed.  I can’t believe that’s she’s so grown up.  She is as tall as the TheEldest and looks like she’s 13 not 9.  My baby is growing up.  Makes me sad but happy to see what a great young lady she’s become.  We had a great birthday party.  Unconventional by most people’s standards, but she loves it.  Even though her father and I are not together anymore and both of us are re-married and such, we still have a joint birthday party.  Him, his wife and all his family as well as me, TheGrump, and our families all attend.  A great time was had by all 🙂  I made the cake again this year (I’m getting pretty good too), it was a pizza birthday cake and was delicious.  I’ll try and post some pics tonight if I get a chance.

I’ve been working on a new website and still looking for a new job.  Other than that, spending more time with the kiddos and work has kept me busy.  I’ll try not to neglect the blog anymore 🙂




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