A New Day

Okay, it’s Monday and a new day.  Things have been going okay here.  I actually got my downstairs somewhat clean over the weekend.  Of course all 4 kids were back as of yesterday, so I’m sure it will all be trashed within a few days……….hell hours 🙂

I think TheGrump and I need a vacation…………..together…………….alone.  We never had a honeymoon and we had a ready made family by the time we got together and our lives seems to be all kids all the time.  Which don’t get me wrong, I love our kids but we never have any time to ourselves………never. 

On another note TheEx is still a bitch.  I’m sorry but if you choose not to let the kids come back at the time they are suppose to be back because you want them to go to a pool party, that you didn’t attend, why are we responsible for picking them up.  WHY?  Because you are too fucking lazy to drive the damn 7 miles to our house.  (enough about that though 🙂

That’s all for today 🙂



Much better now

I’m not sure what’s been going on with me lately but I seem to be much better now.  Life is going well and hopefully I don’t have any more mid life issues.  I’ll try to be posting more often (not that anyone reads this crap), but just for stress relief or amusement.  Go check out the video I just posted it’s hilarious.

Friday Funny

Just had to share this.  It’s one of our local radio DJ’s and it cracks me up everytime I watch it.