A New Day

Okay, it’s Monday and a new day.  Things have been going okay here.  I actually got my downstairs somewhat clean over the weekend.  Of course all 4 kids were back as of yesterday, so I’m sure it will all be trashed within a few days……….hell hours 🙂

I think TheGrump and I need a vacation…………..together…………….alone.  We never had a honeymoon and we had a ready made family by the time we got together and our lives seems to be all kids all the time.  Which don’t get me wrong, I love our kids but we never have any time to ourselves………never. 

On another note TheEx is still a bitch.  I’m sorry but if you choose not to let the kids come back at the time they are suppose to be back because you want them to go to a pool party, that you didn’t attend, why are we responsible for picking them up.  WHY?  Because you are too fucking lazy to drive the damn 7 miles to our house.  (enough about that though 🙂

That’s all for today 🙂



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