The beginning……or the end

So over 3 years ago or about that i left the asshole ex husband.  Unfortunately it involved him threatening to kill me and i got the cops involved to have him taken out of the house.  But it was one of the best days of my life.   I had never felt so free as i did after that.  It was like i had been released from a prison. It was scary in the sense that i had no idea how i was going to make it but such a relief that me and the kids were finally free. I ultimately had to let my house be foreclosed on and filed bankruptcy.  But it was such a small price to pay for getting out of that misery. I got a little apartment to rent and started my own life.  Now we do have a child in common and she loves her dad but thankfully he doesn’t get her a whole lot.  Which in a way is sad.  But also i don’t have to worry as often while she is gone with him.   My life has come so far since then but i will save the rest of the story for later……



Ok god love anyone who has a teenager.  I dont know what monster comes down and sucks the brain out of our sweet little darling children. And replaces it with attitude, smartassness (yes i just made up my own word), and the idea that they know it all.  But if i ever run across such monster that does this to our kids i will kill it with my bear hands.  I live in a house with 3……yes count them 3 teenage girls.  Granted only one is my child and is making me totally crazy at the moment!  How did such a sweet child turn into a moody, raging……well you know.  I love her dearly but if the attitude doesnt improve i am going to lock her in a closet until she is 20 something.

It has been a while

Not sure where to begin.  Its been a longtime since i posted anything. But thanks to technology and an app for my smartphone i plan on being here way more often. I will start by saying i am no longer married to the abusive alcoholic and now married to my oldest daughter’s father and living my dream as a nurse.  How i got here is a long story but i will explain it all in a series of posts here soon……